New Project: Chickadee

2024-01-02 16:55:14 UTC

I'm excited to announce that 4000 Pounds is actively working on a new project, code-named "Chickadee".

The game is about a space explorer who finds herself stranded on a wasteland planet and must collect enough minerals to power her ship for escape. However, she soon finds that the planet is inhabited by robots that seem to be programmed to collect the minerals for themselves.

As with A Park And Pigeons, the gameplay is intentionally simple with rapidly-increasing difficulty.

Keep checking back here for more information.

A Park And Pigeons 1.2 Update Available

2023-01-05 07:02:38 UTC

The latest update for A Park And Pigeons is now available! It features a number of small changes:

You can get it here.


A Park And Pigeons casts you, the player, as a pigeon in a park eating seeds and junk food. You have to keep eating food in order to keep playing, while competing with other pigeons. Just be careful if you decide to play dirty - what goes around comes around.

The gameplay is simple at first, but expect the difficulty to ramp up quickly the longer you play. Go for endurance to see how far you can get before you lose, or try to net the highest score.

Play now!


4000 Pounds is an independent video game development studio, currently producing simple arcade-style games on mobile devices.

Andy Craft

Hey folks, my name is Andy Craft, and currently I am the only member of 4000 Pounds.

I have wanted to make video games since I was a very young. I made custom characters/levels/mods for popular games and was eventually hired to make actual games, before having to put it all on hold in order to earn a regular income. But I continued to work on games as a side gig since then, and now I'm making another attempt at doing it full time.

Being the only member, right now I am responsible for, well, everything. So if you're ever curious as to why things move so slow, there you have it.

Outside of working on games I like to play games, cook, camp in the hot months, snowboard in the cold months, and generally just spend time with my family.